Save Our Shade Ribboning for Ash TreesOne of the keys to saving ash trees from emerald ash borer in the Twin Cities is to raise awareness. It is much more effective to plan for and take action against emerald ash borer before massive numbers of trees are lost. Choosing which trees will be saved and which will not ahead of time empowers us and puts us in control of our own destiny.

Currently in place is the Save Our Shade ribboning program. The ribboning program involves placing a yellow caution ribbon around ash tree trunks that warns the tree is at risk from emerald ash borer. Ribboning trees is a powerful way to visually demonstrate the impact emerald ash borer will have on your community’s trees.

Anyone can host a ribbon program in their community – it’s easy and free! Rainbow Treecare will train you and others in your community on how to raise awareness about the potential ecological devastation that’s headed our way. Now is the time to act. Our urban landscape depends on you!

Contact Troy Mason, director of Save Our Shade, for more info on hosting your own community ribbon program. Call (612)741-5650 or send an email to:

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