Save Your MN Ash Trees from Emerald Ash Borer Damage Like ThisIf you suspect that a tree on your property is infested with emerald ash borer, call Rainbow Treecare at 952-922-3810 to schedule an appointment with a Certified Arborist.

Our arborists are trained in identifying emerald ash borer and can provide you with treatment options when applicable.

With Rainbow Tree Company, your trees receive the highest level of care available.  We’ve been in business since 1976 and built our business by staying on the cutting edge of proven tree care science and by satisfying our customers.

Rainbow Tree Company offers the highest quality treatments to prevent ash trees from dying due to emerald ash borer infestation.

Only emerald ash borer treatments that have been proven effective in university studies are used, and all of our treatments include our money-back guarantee.

Service starts with a visit from one of our ISA-Certified Arborists. We will guide you through the process of determining which trees to save, which treatment option is best for you, and assist with long-term planning to ensure the survival of your important ash trees.

If you live in the Twin Cities metro area, contact us today for emerald ash borer service. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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